The Story:

We established Robb Family Farms in 2022 to bring more organic produce to market. Our founder, Romane Orlando Robb, was born on the tropical island of Jamaica where he had an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. There is a completely different taste of picking and eating an apple within five minutes as opposed to picking and eating an apple within weeks. That gives a whole new meaning to that buzz term; farm-to-table. We aim to bring more organic and higher-quality farm-to-table products.


Farm to Table:

To continue from above; when we say we source locally we truly mean. We’re not sourcing our products in California to sell in New York. The transportation time alone has already affected the product. We believe in growing local and selling local.


Quality Assurance:

Small quantities meets local organic farmers equals better quality products for our customers. That is how we roll!


Customer Service:

You can call, text, or email us and we’ll get back to you. We try to be available 24 hours per day for you, our amazing customers. Your feedback is not only important it is also crucial in us achieving our goals.

If you cannot make it to one of our local markets or find a retailer near you that stocks our products then you can still get our merch. Click below to shop. 



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